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QR code on a small plaque contains a site-specific poem and a link to this website.

Under Reconstruction!

The small plastic plaques lasted well for seven years but the Western Isles weather has finally taken

its toll on this experimental project.


Alternative substrates are under active consideration.



:- a project produced by Western Isles poet Pàdruig MacIlleChiar/Peter Kerr.


Each poem in the series appears as a QR-Code on a plaque in the place that inspired it.


Scanning the code with a smartphone or other mobile device reveals the poem, plus a link to this website.

It is not necessary to have a mobile signal to enjoy the poems so long as your digital device has a QR-Code scanner app, such as QRDroid ( installed.


The plaques discretely incorporate the poems in place logo and are designed to have minimal intrusion into the landscape, being installed on pre-existing posts in accessible roadside locations.


The current project covers a variety of places within the Lochportain & Cheesebay area of North Uist.

Each place has been chosen to reflect the poet's interest in the archaeology, ecology, history and culture of the Western Isles.


The first five plaques have now been installed and the following table shows the title and location of each poem as a six-figure grid reference together with the latitude and longitude.


poem in place        Grid Ref         Latitude         Longitude


greanacleit...          NF 927 720     57.633025       -7.1504916

nissen huts...          NF 942 719      57.633175       -7.1250992

galvinized...            NF 944 721      57.635064      -7.1222439

loch na caiginn...   NF 949 722     57.636402       -7.1145608

tigh na hoe...          NF 959 736     57.649428       -7.0985641


This link takes you to satellite view of the area displaying the location of each poem:


I would like to thank all the crofters for permission to use their fence posts for this project and to thank Comhairle nan Eilean Siar's Development Department for their assistance, too.


Please note that you need a smartphone or mobile device with a QR-Code reader installed in order to read the poems.


Disclaimer: Each plaque has been carefully sited along this single-track road but users access them at their own risk.


Please enjoy these poems safely.


All the best,


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